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About Rancho Gold & Jewelry in Las Vegas

Rancho Gold & Jewelry is a full-service buyer of precious metals, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide you with cash for your precious metal items. Contact us today to learn more!

A full-service buyer of precious metals

Rancho Gold & Jewelry offers precise, free evaluations for your jewelry, bullion, coins, and other items. After the evaluation, if you decide to sell, we offer you immediate cash. We buy gold, sterling silver, and platinum jewelry. We also specialize in Rolex and gold watches, bullion, coins, and many other items.

Rancho Gold & Jewelry’s expert, professional staff has decades of experience in buying and selling precious metals. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we will guide you through the entire process. Our mission is to get you the most value from your precious metal items. We pay cash for your items. Instantly. Learn how you can get cash today!

Meet A.J. Finver - Co-Owner

A.J. Finver has been buying jewelry and bullion in Las Vegas since 1984. His first store, The Jewelry Exchange, was located on the Strip at the site of what is now The Paris Hotel. Throughout the years, he has also owned stores on E. Sahara, Maryland Parkway, W. Flamingo, E. Flamingo and Blue Diamond Road.

In 2018, A.J. decided to sell all his previous stores and open Rancho Gold & Jewelry with his son Gregg. Together A.J. and Gregg own and operate the store, buying jewelry, precious metals and bullion. They work hard to provide clients with an exceptional customer experience and competitive prices. A.J. loves working with his son and knows that his parents, Bunny and Lester, would be extremely proud.

Meet Gregg Finver - Co-Owner

Gregg Finver is a professional gold and jewelry buyer with more than 15 years of experience. Gregg is also an experienced buyer of any precious metals, numismatic coins from the US, bullion coins from all over the world, and other fine items.

Growing up, Gregg spent many hours at his father’s store, The Jewelry Exchange, where he learned how to buy and sell jewelry. Gregg has been working with retail customers throughout his entire career, influencing his customer-oriented approach. Today, his dedication to customer service combined with his expert knowledge, ensures you get not only the best value for your items, but also the best possible experience.