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Silver Buyers Las Vegas

At Rancho Gold & Jewelry, we buy numerous items made of pure silver. Our experts will evaluate whichever items you bring to test them for their purity. We buy silver items made from alloys that are stamped with a mark, such as “Sterling” or “Fine Silver”. If you are unable to find a purity stamp, or aren’t quite sure of an items purity, have one of our expert staff evaluate the piece at no charge.

Sell Silver in Las Vegas

We emphasize the importance of providing a comfortable, informative, and trustworthy experience to each client we work with. You shouldn’t feel pressured to sell silver in Las Vegas. Our expert staff will inform you of the purity of your silver, and offer immediate cash for your silver, should you decide to sell. As always, the evaluation is free. That’s what sets us apart from all of the other silver buyers in Las Vegas. So stop by our store, or call us today at 702-626-0000.

Silver Items We Buy

Small silver ring with a floral design

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Are you looking for somewhere to sell silver jewelry? We buy all kinds of Sterling Silver jewelry items, with or without gemstones.

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Various U.S. silver coins

Silver Coins

If you are trying to sell silver coins in Las Vegas, we buy all kinds of coins containing various amounts of Silver.

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assortment of sterling silver scrap

Sterling Scrap

Rancho Gold & Jewelry buys any silver item, in any condition.     Broken or not.

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Sunset mint silver bullion bar

Silver Bullion

We buy any silver bullion that is officially recognized as at least 99.9% pure Silver. We also buy Sterling Bullion.

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Set of sterling silver flatware

Sterling Silver Flatware

Rancho Gold & Jewelry Will buy any sterling silver, from Flatware to weighted sterling silver pieces such as candle holders.

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