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U.S. Mint Precious Metal Bullion Coins

American Gold Eagle

U.S. Mint Precious Metal Coins

    The United States Mint produces precious metal bullion coins in Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They are referred to as American Eagles (American Silver Eagles, American Gold Eagles, and American Platinum Eagles). The Mint also produces a .9999 fine Gold Buffalo.

    The American Silver Eagle (ASE) was first minted in 1986 and are produced in one weight only and that is 1 troy ounce and is composed of .999 Fine Silver. The coin has a denomination of One Dollar.

    The American Gold Eagle (AGE) was first minted in 1986. AGE’s are produced in four weight varieties: 1/10 ounce (denominated at $5), ¼ ounce (denominated at $10), ½ ounce (denominated at $25) and 1 troy ounce (denominated at $50). All AGE’s are .9167 purity (22 karat gold).

   The US Mint also produces a 24kt pure gold (.9999) Buffalo coin, denominated at $50. This coin is mostly produced a in 1 oz variety. The Mint produced 1/10, ¼, ½, and 1oz size in the year 2008 only. The 2008 4-piece set had a very low mintage and is a rare collectible, worth much more than its gold content.

   The American Platinum Eagle (APE) had it’s first mintage in 1997. And like the AGE, it is minted in 4 weight varieties. 1/10 ounce (denominated at $10), ¼ ounce (denominated at $25), ½ ounce (denominated at $50) and 1 troy ounce (denominated at $100). All APE’s are .9995 pure platinum.