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Gold Bullion Coins

Various bullion gold coins

Government Issued Gold Bullion

Modern Gold Bullion coins got their start in 1967, with the introduction of the South African Krugerrand. The Krugerrand contains 1 troy ounce of pure gold, alloyed out to 91.67%, with the remaining 8.33% being made up of copper. Since then, other countries have released their own gold bullion coins, such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (99.99% pure gold), the Chinese Gold Panda (99.9% pure gold), the American Gold Eagle (91.67% gold) and the American Gold Buffalo (99.99% pure gold), among many others. Most of the time gold bullion will be marked with its gold weight (1 ozt, 1/2 ozt, 1/4 ozt, 1/10 ozt) and in some cases, a face value, making the gold bullion coins legal tender in its country of origin. 

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