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Silver Bullion

Silver Bullion Rounds

Silver Bullion Facts

   People who invest in silver bullion have two broad categories to choose from:

1) Privately manufactured.
2) Government minted.

    We define “Privately manufactured” silver bullion as bullion products produced by companies that sell their bullion based solely on the current silver price and demand.

    We define “Government minted” as silver bullion minted by sovereign countries such as United States, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, Australia, and many more. These are priced based on current silver price and a premium over the silver value.

   Most silver investors prefer privately manufactured (also referred to as “generic silver”) because it is less expensive. Modern generic silver bullion is at least .999 pure.

   Here is a list of the most well-known manufacturers of generic silver bullion:

Johnson Matthey

   The most common forms of generic silver bullion (Troy ounce increments):

1 oz rounds or bars
5 oz rounds or bars
10 oz bars
25 oz bars
Kilo bars (32.15 ozs)
50 oz bars
100 oz bars

   Below is a list of the most popular Government minted silver bullion. Most are produced in 1 Troy ounce coins (there are exceptions, but they are not very popular):

Eagle (USA)
Maple Leaf (Canada)
Britannia (Great Britain)
Philharmonic (Austria)
Libertad (Mexico)
Kookaburra and Kangaroo (Australia)
Panda (China)

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