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Wrist watches and pocket watches were amazing pieces of mechanical engineering at the time they were first released to the public. Pocket watches came first, as it was easier to make a larger watch movement. Watches became important for railroad operators and travelers once times zones were officially established. Before the establishment of time zones, individual locales usually each had their own clock that they went by. As you can imagine, that made running trains on any type of schedule nearly impossible. Thus, the first people to embrace the pocket watch were engineers.

   As pocket watches were made smaller and smaller, they have given way to wrist watches. By the early 20th century, pocket watches were becoming much less popular as you had to take them out of your pocket every time you needed to check the time. The early wrist watches were hand wind powered mechanical watches, the same as later pocket watches. Early pocket watches were mechanical key wind watches.

   Both pocket and wrist watches have been and continue to be made with a variety of metals, including precious metals like gold, and silver, and base metals such as stainless steel. They can also be gold plated or gold filled, as many ‘Warranted’ pocket watches were.

   The value of a watch depends on many factors, such as the brand name, the metal the watch is made from, the condition of the watch, and the popularity of the model. Some watches have little to no resale value, such as non-working quartz LCD watches, off brand watches or they just may not be a popular style anymore. Others have resale value based on the precious metal, such as gold wrist and pocket watches, or silver watch cases. Still others are based on the brand and/or model of the watch, such as Rolex. And finally, there are some older gold filled and base metal pocket watches and vintage wrist watches that have collectible value, especially if the watch is in good, running condition.

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