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Sell Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion Buyers

  Looking to Sell Gold Bullion in Las Vegas? We buy Gold Bullion Coins and Bars that are officially recognized as to be 22 karat or 24 karat pure gold. Bullion is typically found in the form of Gold Bars, Ingots or Coins. Each Gold Bullion Bar or Ingot is stamped to indicate it's purity to be “.999”, indicating it has a pure gold content, and a “maker’s mark,” indicating the mint or organization that produced it.


   Gold Bullion Coins are minted by many world governments, such as the United States (Eagle or Buffalo), Canada (Maple Leaf), South Africa (Krugerrand) and many more.

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Sell Gold Bullion Value

Once we determine the precise amount of Gold in your bullion item, we make you an offer that is based on the “spot” price of the pure Gold it contains. The spot price is the current price in the marketplace at which precious metals, such as pure Gold, Silver or Platinum, can be bought or sold for immediate delivery. The spot prices of precious metals changes from day to day and even minute to minute, depending on market conditions, and many other factors. However, on any given day, the spot price of Gold anywhere in the world – in Las Vegas, London, Mumbai or Shanghai – is basically the same. Spot prices are readily available on various business news and industry websites. We urge you to research the spot price before you decide to sell gold bullion.

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Sell Gold Bullion Coins

While Gold Bars are typically .999 pure Gold, Bullion Coins most are minted to contain 90%, 91.6%, or 99.9% pure Gold. These are minted regularly by official government agencies and other organizations throughout the world, mostly for investment or commemorative purposes. Most government issued Gold bullion Coins also have a “face value” as legal tender currency that is far less than the value of the Gold that they contain.

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