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Platinum Bullion

Las Vegas Platinum Bullion Buyers

We buy platinum bullion that is officially recognized as 99.9% pure platinum. It is typically found in the form of platinum bars and ingots. Each platinum bullion bar and ingot is stamped with a mark, such as “.999” or ".9995" indicating its pure platinum content, and a “maker’s mark,” indicating the mint or organization that produced it.

We Buy Platinum Bars

Once we determine the precise amount of platinum in your bullion item, we make you an offer that is based on the “spot” price of the pure platinum it contains. The platinum spot price is the current price in the marketplace at which an asset, such as pure Gold, Silver or platinum, can be bought or sold for immediate delivery. The spot prices of precious metals can change from day to day and even minute to minute, depending on market conditions, and many other factors. However, on any given day, the spot price of platinum anywhere in the world – in Las Vegas, London, Mumbai or Shanghai – is basically the same. Spot prices are readily available on various business news and industry websites. We urge you to research the spot price before you decide to sell your bullion items. Rancho Gold & Jewelry are your premier platinum bullion buyers in Las Vegas.

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Pamp Suisse 99.9% pure platinum bullion bar

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