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Sterling Silver Flatware Buyers

Sell Your Sterling Silverware

We buy Sterling Silver knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils that contain 92.5% pure Silver. Each piece may be stamped with “Sterling” or “.925,” indicating its Silver content. Furthermore, they may have a “maker’s mark,” indicating the company or individual silversmith that made it.

We Buy Weighted Sterling Silver

In addition to being Las Vegas’ premier silverware buyers, we buy knives and serving pieces made with weighted Sterling Silver handles. Once again, the handles may be stamped with “Sterling” or “.925.” We also buy another type of Silver flatware made from what is known as “Coin Silver”. It is marked “.800” Silver and “.900” indicating it contains between 80% and 90% pure Silver. If you are selling silverware, visit us at Rancho Gold & Jewelry today! Sterling silver flatware value fluctuates, so let our professionals help you find an honest value.

weighted sterling silver pieces

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