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Jewelry Buyers Las Vegas

Rancho Gold & Jewelry is a full service buyer of all precious metal Jewelry, including Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum. We Are Also Buyers of Most Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry, along with Gold and Rolex® Watches.  

Rancho Gold & Jewelry’s expert, professional staff has decades of experience in buying and selling precious metals and diamonds, in Las Vegas and across the country. We provide free, accurate evaluations and other personal services that help you get the most value from your precious metal items. And we pay cash for your items. Instantly.


Wedding Bands

Class Rings

Earrings (pairs and singles)

Scrap Gold






Gold Watches & More




Dental Gold

Plus other valuable items, with or without gemstones. We also buy “coin jewelry,” such as rings and pendants, that feature precious metal coins as a part of the design.

Cash For Jewelry

Gold chain, ring, and earring
Gold Jewelry

Rancho Gold & Jewelry has the experience, knowledge and equipment to offer you the most cash for your Gold Jewelry

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Shiny platinum ring on white background
Platinum Jewelry

Bring your Platinum Jewelry into Rancho Gold & Jewelry today. We can accurately test any Jewelry piece and make a cash offer! 

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Silver Native American bracelet with tribal engraving
Silver Jewelry

Rancho Gold & Jewelry is ready to provide you cash for your Sterling Silver Jewelry, including Native American Jewelry.

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Pile of metal bracelets, chains, and beads
Broken Jewelry

Simply put, Rancho Gold & Jewelry will buy anything made out of precious metals, in any form imaginable!

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Accurate Diamond Evaluation

No appointment is necessary and all evaluations are absolutely free; even if you decide not to sell your diamond. During the evaluation, rest assured your diamond will remain in your sight at all times. Rancho Gold & Jewelry is a highly qualified and experienced diamond buyer. We specialize in buying larger diamonds that weigh 1.0 carat or more, but we will make offers on some smaller size diamonds. To determine the value of your diamond, we evaluate the famous 4 C's: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.


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